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Short Bio

Neo-Rebetiko group Trio Tekke has surged onto the scene in the past few years with their experimental approach to the 'Greek blues' and with their own distinctive compositions. While retaining musical elements of the old style, and delivering with swagger and passion, they are playing with new sonorities, fusing different styles and writing from their own modern-day experiences; they are forging their own path in a music which is captivating peoples attention around the globe. Their first release Ta Reggetika (2009) has earned them an underground cult status, with its grainy sound and infectious groove. Their second album, Samas (2011), earned them a Battle of the Bands award on World Music Network and a nomination for Best Newcomer Act for the 2012 Songlines Awards. It has received huge praise in UK and European press and is set to become a breakthrough album.

Long Bio

Trio Tekke was formed in London in November 2005 by Antonis Antoniou (tzouras, vocals), Lefteris Moumtzis (guitar, vocals) and Colin Somervell (double bass). After a long study and contact with the Rebetiko song of the era of Markos Vamvakaris, the two Cypriots began to experiment in applying the Rebetiko in more contemporary ways of expression, in an attempt to include other elements of their musical palettes. With the addition of the talented Anglo-Chilean Colin Somervell on double bass, things took an interesting and very creative turn, leading them to the development of an original and particularly fresh sound that they call "Reggetika", blending various characteristics (rhythm, harmony and improvisation) of idioms such as Reggae, Latin and Jazz, with the color and the melodic lines of Rebetiko.

September 2009 saw the release of Trio Tekke's long awaited first album Ta Reggetika. The music, inspired by the pre-WW2 Greek Rempetiko song, is a collection of fifteen pieces from their musical journey from 2005. Quirky re-arrangements of Vamvakaris, Delias, Tsaous as well as original compositions in similar style, mainly by Antonis Antoniou, make up the content of the album. The album "Ta Reggetika" is considered to be one of the most successful Cyprus productions.

Their live shows have been well received by audiences across Europe. They have performed in Universities and other Art/Music Institutions in Dublin and Cork (Ireland) and in Hamburg (Germany) as well as in several festivals and venues in Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus. Their music has been broadcasted on renowned radio stations around the globe such as BBC, Sveriges Radio, ERT etc.

In July 2011 Trio Tekke has released its second album Samas. The production was made in Nicosia, and it consists of 12 tracks, 8 originals and 4 covers. The album has received remarkable reviews from music magazines and websites all over the world, such as Songlines,, and it has been awarded 'Album of the Month' by the Greek magazine "Ihos".

Their latest nomination in the 2012 Songlines Music Awards for best "Newcomer" as well as the award they received from World Music Network is spreading their innovative sound to bigger audiences from allover the world, establishing them in the World Music/Ethnic scene....